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One-to-one Private Nail Class Perks :

Class Materials will be provided for use during class. In-house certificate will be given upon requested by student if needed.

How to Book One-to-one Private class ?

  1. Select to purchase the hours that you need.
  2. Complete payment at check out.
  3. Whatsapp +65 8699 2598 with your Name and Booking Number to check Educator availabilities (There is no expiry date for this class, please read T&Cs below for more info).
  4. Feel free to consult with Educator directly to decide on the topics you wish to learn/upgrade.

How does Complimentary Learning Hour works ?

Complimentary Learning Hour is meant for learning/upgrading skill purposes. Meaning if you book 10 hours private class you will entitle to TWO (2) extra hours. Total you have credit of TWELVE (12) hours for learning/upgrading your skills.

How does FOC Complimentary hour for utilising Studio Facilities work ?

For example if you book 12 hours private class, besides getting extra leaning hours. You will also entitle to use our Manicure table or Pedicure chair to do services or practicing as well as utilising our in-house Nail Materials for FREE within the period given according to your complimentary hour (Base on your FOC Hour of Facilities usage).



    • All fees paid are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • No refunds will be given for unused portions of the fees.
    • There is NO expiry date for the hours of Private Class.
    • Student is entitle to Three (3) times reschedule of classes (from the first initial class schedule) that subject to Educator’s availabilities.
    • Complimentary Hours & FOC Studio Facilities Usage is STRICTLY NON TRANSFERRABLE.
    • FOC Studio Facilities Usage is STRICTLY by advance booking subject to Studio availabilities with first come first serve basis.
    • MelCee Artistry deserves all rights to amend the Term&Conditions at anytime.